Watch Melania’s emotionally powerful speech below:

Just before President Trump stepped in to declare the public emergency, Melania walked up to the podium and what she did next had the entire room in TEARS.

She opened up her heart and told a few personal stories that had took place in the recent past.

“I have learned so much from those and I know there are many more stories to tell,” she said. Melania was speaking about the people who she had met recently that were victims of opioid abuse – both directly and indirectly.

“What I found to be the common theme with all of these stories is this can happen to any of us. Drug addiction can take your friends, neighbors and your family.”

At this point, the entire crowd sat in silence as the First Lady shared her hopes of helping those suffering from opioid addiction.

“As many of you know, addiction effects children many different ways, and I have recently taken a larger interest in what I can do to help this epidemic.”

Melania has absolutely made a move towards helping those affected by this issue over the past few months. She has attended a number of events, and even visited treatment centers such as Lily’s Place. Our First Lady cares about the American people, and she is taking a stand for a safer and healthier nation.

After she finishes speaking, the audience gives her a standing ovation that seems to last forever. She and President Trump embrace. The President is clearly proud of his wife for making such a powerful impact on a critical issue.

Watch Melania’s emotionally powerful speech below: